The Middleweight Adventure Yamaha America Needs

In 2008 Yamaha reintroduced the XT660 Ténéré to the rest of the world. The motorcycle is a 660cc single based on the XT660 dual sport chassis but comes with a small fairing and is essentially the older and smaller version of the XT1200Z Super Ténéré.

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2017 BMW Parallel Twin GS Details Announced

For 2017 the F 700 GS, F 800 GS, and F 800 GS Adventures will all come with two throttle modes as standard. Rain and Road modes will be included in all of the new F 700 and F 800 GS models. Enduro modes will still be available as part of optional packages. The new MY will come with an “electromotive throttle controller” which BMW says will smooth out the throttle response. 2017’s will also feature new gauges and an MIL (malfunction indicator light, yay?). The bikes will also meet EURO 4 emission standards so you Euro Trash guys can legally buy them.

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2016 Ural Retro Solo – Not Coming to a Store Near You

Ural motorcycles is a Russian manufacturer based in Irbit, Russia. They are known for their two wheel drive motorcycle/sidecar combos which are modeled heavily on late 1930’s BMW’s. Said to be able to travel anywhere, with a small payload, these motorcycles look like they’d be an absolute blast. But, what if you wanted the pirated BMW R71 design without the sidecar? Ural has made versions sans-sidecar for years. Just no longer for you.

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No Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Northern California This Year

If you’re like me the annual visit to the International Motorcycle Show is one of the best events of the year. True, someone with a little free time can visit all of the dealers in the area and take a look at all of the same bikes. But I hate interacting with salesmen, I want to see everything at once, and I enjoy the rest the show has to offer. That’s why I’m so bummed that the show isn’t coming to the SF Bay Area or Sacramento this year.

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