The Middleweight Adventure Yamaha America Needs

In 2008 Yamaha reintroduced the XT660 Ténéré to the rest of the world. The motorcycle is a 660cc single based on the XT660 dual sport chassis but comes with a small fairing and is essentially the older and smaller version of the XT1200Z Super Ténéré.

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2016 Ural Retro Solo – Not Coming to a Store Near You

Ural motorcycles is a Russian manufacturer based in Irbit, Russia. They are known for their two wheel drive motorcycle/sidecar combos which are modeled heavily on late 1930’s BMW’s. Said to be able to travel anywhere, with a small payload, these motorcycles look like they’d be an absolute blast. But, what if you wanted the pirated BMW R71 design without the sidecar? Ural has made versions sans-sidecar for years. Just no longer for you.

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